Light Up Your Heart

Come Home to Your Authentic Self

The good news is I can help you shift this mental programming and find your way back home to your Authentic Self.

   "You make me believe in myself.  Thank you so much. 

You provided such a safe atmosphere for growth.

- private client

As a Registered Clinical Counsellor and Intuitive Healer, I will hold space for you as I empower you to:

  • Find the courage to be a full expression of YOU
  • Feel complete, whole, and at home within yourself
  • Reduce worry and free yourself from fear
  • Let go of judgement and invite in curiosity as you free your mind
  • Be less reactive, less defensive, and more confident
  • Stop taking things so personally, and be able to respond to life's challenges with clarity
  • Stop second guessing yourself, and start trusting yourself more deeply
  • Feel less regret, and more calm certainty
  • Trust that you’re not messing things up, and you can cope with whatever life brings
  • Feel at peace within yourself
  • Know that you are enough, and that you are worthy of being loved

Are you ready to Come Home to Your Authentic Self?

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Welcome! I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor, and Certified Intuitive Coach and Healer. If you are looking for support and guidance navigating a toxic relationship, or identifying if you are in a toxic relationship, I can help. If you are struggling with self-doubt, anxiety, people-pleasing, or trauma,
I can help.

You have arrived in a safe space that supports you to come home to your Authentic Self. No matter what you are going through, there is a way back to center.

I invite you to take three deep breaths as you read the following:

Imagine if you had the confidence and trust that you could handle anything life throws your way.

What if you could be fearless as you meet life’s challenges with certainty, confidence and faith that “you got this”?

This chaotic world feeds our confusion and doubt BUT only if we let it.

It is easy to get caught up in the world’s ideas and opinions about how things work.

We can get lost in this programming which disconnects us from our True Self and causes us to doubt our own inner knowing.

Our heart connects us to our inner knowing and the Truth of who we are.

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Clinical Counselling and Intuitive Coaching
For women (and other genders) dealing with toxic relationships, trauma, anxiety, and self-doubt