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Registered Clinical Counsellor

When I was studying Counselling Psychology for my Masters Degree, I ended up getting pretty burnt out. To be honest, I was really burnt out after my Bachelors degree in Psychology as well, which I completed with Honours. 

I'm a pretty high achiever. I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I have a fear of failure. I have some anxiety. At least, all of these things used to be true. 

I have also been a people-pleaser.  This is probably what got me into the most trouble. I became what I thought other people wanted me to be, rather than feeling like I could be myself. And I ended up in a marriage that exacerbated that - that eroded what was left of my sense of self-worth. I experienced coercive control - tactics designed to keep people feeling small, confused, and scared. In my case, it was very hidden and subtle, so that even though I had training with supporting women who had experienced domestic abuse, it took me years to recognize what was occurring in my own home. But eventually I did recognize it, and I started the journey to rediscover who I am and reclaim my life.

All this to say, I have done my own work, and I continue to do my own work consistently. So when I show up in session with you, I am showing up as my real self. A real self with a lot of training and experience helping people, true. But a real self with authenticity, who has struggled, and experienced suffering, and has dealt with abuse. I am showing up as someone who has walked the path, and done my own healing. 

If you show up to do your own healing, I am here for you. I bring an eclectic set of tools and strategies to meet you where you're at. But it isn't my preference to stay at surface level. My preference is to go deep, to get to the root of the issue. 

I have 15 years of experience as a Clinical Counsellor, and if there's one thing I have learned, it's that it's not easy, and it takes willingness and commitment to do our own work. But the changes that we can experience if we put in the time and effort are nothing short of miraculous.

Sessions can be done by phone or online.

Initial session investment: $150 CAD (60 min)

Follow up sessions:

Investment: $150 CAD (60 min)

Investment: $75 CAD (30 min)

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